The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep Mar. 27, 2017

They are characterized by their great mental curiosity, they want to know everything, to experience everything and to live to the fullest. Having confronted the traditions and social norms, they accumulate strength to perfect their freedom of action, of thought and their style of living before the world.

Routine wilts them off; Are lovers of change and transformation of scenarios.

They are people in search of progress, they will never be happy behind a desk or in a routine and established patterns, they need to be free, to move, to be constantly changing, without much order and structure, since that allows their genius and brilliant mind Is activated.

They stand out for being rebellious, free-spirited, indomitable, flexible, relaxed, detached, quick and versatile thoughts.

They are advanced beings, with their advanced thinking and enthusiasm for the progress of tomorrow. Life will always be a challenge for them, this stimulates and motivates them greatly to live life intensely.

They see things from another perspective, generating ideas and providing quick and effective solutions to any problem that presents them.

No one likes to hear that it is one more sheep of the herd, we all desire and aspire to be the black sheep.

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"Nobody likes to hear that it is one more sheep of the flock, we all wish and we aspire to be the black sheep ..."

Astrid Garbo

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