Thoughts heal more than medications.

Thoughts heal more than medications. Dec. 01, 2016

Whenever neuroscience advances by leaps and bounds allowing new discoveries that support the strength and power of thought By conducting studies of Magnetic Resonance, we are checking what the ancient Greeks wanted to convey with regard to the topic of taking care of our thoughts.

Until what they want to show philosophy of the era, or a way of life, however thanks to the advancement of the science of our days, proven that sound sounds are right for the thoughts alter the behavior and the biochemistry of the cells of the body .

Today it is known that stress makes us sick, in many cases, a collapse, a loss of control, balance and expression of health. However, a little and see where the stress comes from, is the correct thing that is confirming the power of thought and that this alters the biochemistry of the organism, it means that the disease is originated and caused in our mentality, that is to say it is born of the Way of perceiving life, the environment and its experiences.

We have heard and read through various media or channels of the phrase "do not be negative", we hear it repeatedly, however we are not fully aware of the true meaning of these lines. Do not recognize the power of thought and less say the impact of thought on the body. The real reason not to be a negative person derives from not only saying it to others or repeating it by yourself because the sea tends to be right, or by not falling ill to the other with negativity. We really have to recognize the impact of the negative thinking force so that the true consciousness and we begin a more positive being to express an improvement in our health.

A negative mind is the cause of many illnesses, Dr. Freud says that when they discovered that the dynamic urgencies in man are repressed, they result in diseases of the body or some kind of personality collapse. And when these dynamic urgencies are not consciously directed often by undue channels thus producing disease in the mind in the body. They are given the wrong address due to the negative mental states they harbor in the subconscious mind.

We have to wake up and recognize that if we do not govern our thinking, if we do not listen to what we say, we will suffer the consequences. For by not guiding our mental capacity, the misconceptions and anguish take control by taking their own by projecting themselves to the outside, sprouting sickness.

The body is the servant of the mind, it obeys constantly to its mental operations, so that the energetic thoughts and produce a body with strength and vigor. Thoughts of bitterness express a hard and bitter face. Thoughts of failure ruin your affairs.

Your mind can become sick or heal the body, it depends on the ideas made with the heavy. Choleric or irritable thoughts or ideas have an effect on digestion, worries generate insomnia, need for control and tension cause baldness, while denial of change and fear of the future generates chronic illnesses.

We are the architects, we learn how to conduct our mental processes to generate improvement.

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