And you, what are you? Kinesthetic, auditory or visual?

And you, what are you? Kinesthetic, auditory or visual? Nov. 22, 2016

The types of learning are divided into three basic processes: visual, auditory and kinesthetic or emotional. Let us now one by one, to support you to identify which is most prevalent in your way to receive, process and store information.

Visual predominates in individuals observers. When in the middle of a conversation they seek to maintain eye contact with the other partners for only thus feel they have mindfulness. To express themselves verbally, they do it faster and help language like hands to communicate more easily. They are neat and careful visual detail, which makes dress well combined and like to wear bright colors.

The large developed visual capacity that characterizes them, makes them have an excellent sense of direction, if it is to remember the phrase or page of a book graphically recall the location of the text according to the box on the sheet if they will provide some sign to a third referring to a certain address or location of a place, usually make an accurate graphical mind and give references site very correctly.

Hearing predominates in individuals who are guided by logic. For them it is more important what they hear from others what they see, a situation that defines them as good listeners who are also more receptive to the reasons which are exposed. They speak clear, precise and unhurried arguing well his ideas before expressing them. They can better remember something they have heard unlike what they have seen. They are more receptive to information if they read aloud and otherwise, can become distracted from reading.

Kinesthetic or emotional: the holders of these capabilities are often guided and act practically, led by their emotions. They need to resort to physical contact because in doing so, recognize resultándoles feel connected communication easier. The aromas, which make them feel and presentiment be more intense. In your wardrobe they have comfortable clothes as they find great fascination in physical comfort that can provide them suitable clothing. They are more anxious to end unlike other when talking on the phone walking from one side to another. They are emotional so pay more attention to people who show interest in their emotions.

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