Vision problems?

Vision problems? Nov. 22, 2016

If we manifest vision problems, you must know how to operate the relationship between our thoughts, neurons and the Cosmos. Only by understanding the origin of the disease can we restore the natural bond that we have and that we have truncated when we misuse our behavior and mental power.

Every thought and emotion that emits vibration manifest sooner or later projects abroad, in other words you could say that what we think and feel is become the raw material of ALL waiting to be realized.

There is incapable of dissolving link between our thinking and feeling, such a link is responsible react thoughts on emotions. To get a clearer idea, simply observe the reaction of the body, that is when we think of food we whets the appetite, thinking about sex we generate excitement, thinking about something sad or funny we generate smiles or tears as applicable, the body reacts to every emotion according to the quality of thoughts.

Difficulty seeing clearly? From a mental standpoint eyes represent the ability to observe, either ourselves or the environment to how we perceive life itself.

Manifest vision problems are individuals who are tired of seeing certain circumstances in your life, either of injustice or failure. In the background there is a conscious or unconscious recurring thought for thinking that he suffered too much watching the bleak future.

Do I have difficulty accepting what I see or what I do not see?

Myopia indicates that the individual understands his point of view but can not see well the point of view of others, a situation that makes you feel threatened or unsafe external reviews.

Hyperopia: the individual sees and understands the point of view of others, but does not see himself well. He is sociable and interested in helping others but forgets himself. In his recurring think there is an anger that has repressed for a time and caused him a feeling of not being so important to others. You think you do not appreciate what he does for them. There is an ambivalence in understanding the needs of others and help them, and in the actual feeling a helplessness.

Cataract: it indicates thoughts and feelings of sadness and with no hope of improvement.

Glaucoma is associated not want to see life. There is an emotion not forgiven. This is prevalent in older people who inwardly say to themselves "I have seen enough" ....

Eye allergy: It is associated with an emotion ... I bother me what I see? Does this reminds me of an unpleasant situation in my life?

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