The power of gratitude

The power of gratitude Nov. 04, 2016

Without thinking and desire, we have been unconscious in the adoption of behaviors that have led us to build a society that has left behind and forgotten almost entirely under the powerful appreciated. Through the years has been losing the importance of the action of gratitude, we live automated submerged and absorbed by the tasks of daily routines. Situation that living disconnected from ourselves, has incapacitated us to find the necessary time for retrospection that makes us analyze the progress and development have stated, otherwise choose to live day to day tired absorbed by routine, prefer to complain and so do our attitudes that keep us always seeing the black point of the circumstances.

we do not use our energy wisely, orient negatively attention and focus on the things we lack, creating emotions that make us feel stuck because we do not move enough. We are worn out, we miss what we have and completely forget to be thankful with what we have.

We should note that we always learn something, no one lives in vain, it is impossible to have life and go unnoticed in this place, there will always be some progress. However this pernicious behavior of not knowing enjoy what we have keeps us dissatisfied with what surrounds us.

Understand that gratitude has in itself a great power, it is to understand that the habit of being grateful not only keep me in a state of satisfaction and fulfillment, will also raise the vibratory level that we handle and will activate the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Attraction to generate better results. When we operate with a grateful attitude with ourselves, with people or with life, we develop feelings that keep us calm and peace, this mind links us with the abundance that exists in the Cosmos therefore to focus on the positive thoughts of giving thanks received more of the same; we attract circumstances and situations of thanks. If we develop the virtue of being grateful every day, every moment, give thanks to the universe, life and around us, more than that it will reach our experience; good things and abundance. Remember that our thoughts create our reality and if I think I have everything you need, I am grateful and it will generate because I'm activating the law to my advantage.

The universe works to supply us with what we require absolutely covering all our needs, the dilemma is to achieve successfully develop continuous attitude of thanking around us. We know that will change our outside when our inner world looks transformed by the habit of gratitude, the creative energy that embraces us not go to our real needs when we cut all ties with the club, that is when we complained and are negative.

The power of gratitude puts us in tune with the true, with abundance and all that gives us wellness. An individual with a grateful mind always expects good things and therefore linked to express them. Develop this behavior will lead us to express better results by focusing on the good in life, decides to take action to see how good of individuals, work, family welcome at all times, and do not forget that when your inner world changes your scenarios are transformed.

Astrid Garbo

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