Why do we need to forgive?

Why do we need to forgive? Oct. 04, 2016

Along the way at some stage of life, most humans have encountered us with difficult circumstances that lead us to live unpleasant contexts causing us suffering. Suffering or suffer any situation is part of the human condition, we feel victims of the environment by not understanding the behaviors of others and we submit to label us in a victim role. Suffering occurs when you do not understand something, so that when we reach understanding and understanding, suffering collapses and ceases to exist. What do I mean by this? Suppose a married woman receives abuse within the marriage, being abused verbally and physically, this conduct husband subjected to suffer pain, however it is very appellant that such women complain of his treatment and dare not take decisions. In its internal talks he knows it is not right what happens under the family roof, but somewhere she believes that her husband loves her, does not understand what happens and lives in ambivalence regarding the conduct of the spouse justifying their actions and sobajando their self-esteem. If we look at the beliefs of this woman, we find where the distorted thinking archived in the warehouse of the mind resides. We find that small watching the behavior of their parents, perhaps the father showed to be aggressive to the mother, without resorting to blows but with a bad deal of verbal aggression receiving small also part of the frustration leading her to create a concept and mental model later in adulthood would be reflected as a pattern of behavior. By living near the mistreatment and humiliation received for the mother, leads us to believe unconsciously that is the life of marriage, offenses disguised receive love. It is crucial to understand how to operate the mental models of the mind to establish healthy patterns of thinking, because trash treasure within us steals health, happiness, spoils our finances and keeps us in a feel of victims. Save these memories or any situation that made us feel humiliated, resentful or unhappy makes us slaves to their content, we become what we condemn, what we hate and judge. Stumble with unpleasant circumstances while not forgive and change our emotions, if a memory hurts us, we are condemned to suffer it again. Every moment that you remain angry, resentful or complaining about the conduct of someone else, is a moment that waivers to manifest control over your life. Forgiveness does not change the situation or story, but if it helps you to project a better future. Forgive everything. Astrid Garbo Find out more by downloading the book theme What is it? the source of your problems, now at amazon.com https://goo.gl/fms4dW  

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