Activating the Law of Attraction to generate a raise.

Activating the Law of Attraction to generate a raise. Sep. 20, 2016

When we work we spend much of our lives exercising different kinds of activities, we add several hours of life during a workday, and what about the overall result that throws the accumulation of days of a month.

In this perspective, we can realize the great investment of ourselves that we give to our work, leave thousands of hours of our lives in exchange for a financial income, do you see clearly from where the importance of choosing a good job? Can you imagine what happens when we see this investment unprofitable believing that we receive little for everything there we invest? Or How we feel if we play in a task that goes against us and displeases ?, the answer of these questions will be the result of hours worked that are responsible for making frustrated individuals. If most of the time we spend hours working on something that disgusts us not only result will be little money, and we will find unhappy individuals.

The complaint comes and is born when we showed in discord with something, surely it is increasingly common to hear in the prayer room full of discontent due to insufficient money is heard complaining about the miserable salary is perceived, we complain about our salaries of our work, labor companions of ill-treatment of bosses, customers, suppliers and any issue that involves having an unpleasant job.

The Law of Attraction operates becoming that good or bad, positive or negative we think, that is, if we work in an institution or somewhere that takes away the fullness What makes us think that the result of such frustration are large income? if by habit we complain all the time work activate the attraction of low finances, they can not be prosperous for a job which generates anxiety and frustration, is not relevant.

It is because of the attitude that received very little compared to all activities carried out or receive an indignity which reflects the scarcity of good finances. Activate attraction is thinking well aware of the environment where we spend most of the time and we promise to return for payment.

He direct our thoughts towards positive thinking towards bosses or patterns (although at first they do not show signs that make us see them well) will lead to the expression of having good leaders, receiving from them the positive attitude from the way we see them. Think positive salary we receive and receive gratefully, will we generators salary increases do pay them to meet our needs, if we learn to see well sharing our life with the payment we receive, the Law of Attraction will handle the finances are favorable. The same applies to the core of our work, we must direct our thinking and behavior consciously thinking well of what bothers us to activate the attraction favorably, loves desempeñarte and do things willingly and pay attention to what you begin to project. See yourself as being able to generate good income, good working relationships and excellent customers. All begin to flow favorably.

Astrid Garbo
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