It is common at the end of another year, we give the task of reflection seeking to build a positive emotion that raises us the spirit to start the new year with a good attitude. It may also be that the same reflection makes us feel
susceptible and emotional because maybe the results obtained in recent times have not been the best. However from any perspective that we are the culmination of a cycle, it reminds us that the time has come the end, change and thus the time of release.

Release is perhaps one of the most complicated situations to be working man looking inside obtain the growth that will lead to a real evolution. Unfortunately our behaviors have led us to be dependent on routines and against a twist to break the habit and rotate our deep-rooted traditions we feel threatened. That is, we used to "something" out of habit and remain there without reason if that "something" already fulfilled their experience and expectations.

The exaggeration of the fear of change and the resistance to this show, go so far as to maintain unsatisfactorily tied to situations, jobs and people who actually have completed their cycle in our history. Fear or stubbornness that makes us express unhappy and dissatisfied remain without allowing the expression of any change in ourselves and consequently our lives, experiencing more of the same.

It is crucial to allow reflection that leads us to understand that change is constant in life, is the only reality we can perceive, however obfuscated mentality we handle, denies us to drop what we already supplied the whole experience of life which it was created, and foolishly remain wanting to get an orange juice that has already been squeezed. We need to know when it is time to loosen things up and give what already ended, as the worst of this behavior stubbornness and grasping not only binds and limits, it does not allow us to see that there is more there, and that can come if we release I already outdated. However, if we allow see life with other filters and other prospects will see that there are many more oranges, much more life to live, many experiences waiting to be taken. Let inventory in the closet of our lives and see 'What already finished and still clung preserving that experience ?, flow will drop us hope that the new changes begin to manifest in harmony, because when we give what we do not need and we remain open to receive the new, life will give us the equivalent.

RELEASED is to grow ... GROW is to advance ...

Happy New Year! you better purpose is to release all that limits you and steals your inner light. Receive big hugs full of love.

Astrid Garbo

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