The thoughts we create every day, act in harmony with the Law of Attraction generating situations and things in the same condition and quality of these thoughts. That is, we can not remain thinking negatively and expect to receive positive contexts, is contradictory and opposed to the laws of life. If we think and feel positive about a specific topic consequently we express the same. Resorting to the complaint concerned the issue of money and expect to receive extra money from other means also incongruous as the conditions fit the contexts of thought and lamenting finances will only make the Universal Laws conform to the prayer of our thinking and express more of the same; financial failure.

To use the power of positive thinking and align with the Law of Attraction must consciously follow the following steps:

1. Have a clear objective: to this point may be the one that takes greater investment of time, the more clearly you are with your goals shall comply with the conditions as soon as possible. It is necessary given the task of seeing what you want clearly to give structure to achieve.

2. Maintain a clear opening to take changes: patience is necessary to work in the development of this subsection to take a correct attitude. If you are desperate and patience irritates you, you must make a greater effort to maintain a positive attitude, good management of this is the essential seasoning for projects to be successful. When working with positive thinking has to make some adjustments in the mindset to stand in line with the Law of Attraction so it is necessary to be flexible to changes.

3. Display: Sketching your desire, trace mentally creativity or if you prefer drawing on paper your desire, if you want to achieve a couple delineates bone, mental and emotional structure, imagine interacting at a dinner with him or her in the light of candles in a romantic, or walk on the beach dinner, displayed by any activity that makes sense for you together. Try to be objective at this point. If you want a house, designs the number of rooms clearly thinking of the materials, textures and dimensions that make you happy, visualize yourself with people you love and fills you to enjoy even more of that house, ized inside the house, never outside her. This is where you have to work designing creativity with emotion mental sketch, the more you handle waste of creativity, the excitement of giving life to detail you will create an emotional bond that alignment will the Law of Attraction.

4. Repetition: keep in mind the idea of ​​reviewing the images of what you want to cause as many times as necessary, this will make this point to be installed in the subconscious mind to recognize it The Law of Attraction. discipline to maintain sustained ideas viewing our desire is necessary. When I worked at this point, I try to do at dawn taking me a few minutes before getting out of bed reviewing mental sketch. You can also do while you're in the shower, or at night before sleeping, suppose the project to achieve is a journey, imagine the place, climate and clothing you bring on, assuming the case to work out go to Paris ; visualize the top of the Eiffel Tower or somewhere that is representative for you. Watch your thoughts, do not distract you so that you certainly would not invade, do not think how to get arrive to that place, that confuses and robs us of alignment with the Law of Attraction.

5. Statements: during the day we have to continue with the discipline of repeating affirmations, either when we're in line at the bank, the supermarket or when we go driving. Connect with The Law of Attraction with phrases such as claim; I have an excellent salary, have perfect health, I have a wonderful job, I have the best husband, these affirmations can repeat mentally, but often speed up the results if we say it aloud, the more you repeat these phrases you'll acquire a sense of certainty and excitement at this point many individuals are discouraged because they see corresponding to your wishes effects, however is that loose and are not persistent, so the attraction is generated is necessary to sustain us in the ideas that are working.

6. Consistency: we must be consistent and hear our words trying to be in tune with what we are developing, ie suppose we are working on the mental sketch of a pay raise, and the routine of life makes us distracted by feel the economic inability to make daily payments, express fear it will distract us, it is best to reassure. If you hear out of your mouth words of complaint saying he wanted a pittance and does not adjust the money, it will be acting in incongruity and will stop alignment with the Law of Attraction because we fall into the ambivalence and the law fits our desires and thoughts so that if stronger expression of fear by the financial constraint, which support the idea of ​​raise, by deductive logic will win who has more power over you, whether the desire to achieve or fear to believe that you will do it. The choice depends on you. The more you act on the mental repetition of the target, feeling anger more safely and gradually notice that everything makes more sense, act it pretends ... imagine thanking the time you receive your check with the pay raise you are working, if your desire is to marry imagine with bridal background music going forward, if your desire is to be in the Taj Mahal imagine yourself in the place.

7. Trust and keep your mind focused on what you do not want to turn aside what you do not want, the law of attraction or law of cause and effect as've heard as name, will take care of everything else. If you see something you can distract remember your phrases and repeat them support as necessary. Trust the power inside, because you are, you are the writer of your own existence ... work and always expect the best.

Astrid Garbo

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