Digestive Disorders

Digestive Disorders Sep. 20, 2016

As I came, and mentioning in this blog, the union of thoughts or emotions generated set of ideas, this union of thinking-feeling acts putting activation of brain neurons and making downloading biochemicals in the body. This is the reason why every symptom that manifests the body has a mental cause.

      To see more clearly what is what happens if we contexts whose ideas are in the sexual issue ?, surely our body will recognize the association of thoughts and express the feeling produced in the mind causing arousal. The same is true when we think with fear or anxiety, our body works reflecting tachycardia, exaltation and pale skin. Followed in the same line of reasoning, digestive diseases are related to our ability to accept, digest means transforming food into a substance that the body assimilates. Taking as a mental cause a power misused.

      When an individual does not accept immaturity or selfishness, or simply does not allow and refuses to assimilate an idea, opinion, or judgment either own, the environment or a third party, his attitude makes him worthy of becoming ill and suffer any effect on the system digestive. When we are unreasonable and refuse to understanding things or situations we affect the work of digestion, we hinder the ability to open up to new ideas.

      Gastritis for example, is a derivative of inflammation of the gastric mucosa wrong mental symptom whose cause comes from situations denied in assimilation, is thinking what is it I can not digest and exploit anger in me?

      Vomiting comes from the thinking of an individual who rejects something that caused him displeasure, a situation that causes him to be expelled due to intolerance to hold more such situation.

      Diarrhea comes from thinking we have experienced a situation with a degree of unpleasantness that leads to harmony untapped lose what you have ahead. It is to believe that we deserve good for us. A clear example of this is to eat at a restaurant and not feel the economic capacity to settle the account, worry about not feel deserving of good things.

     Stomach pain comes from thoughts of feeling insecure, fearful and lack of recovery.

     Constipation comes from the thought of an individual whose behaviors are rigid and inflexible behavior, it is known as stubborn or narrow-mindedness denying the ability to change in the acceptance of new ideas.

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