Throughout history, the behavior of human beings has been governed under the perspective of all kinds of ideas, in several areas mentalities of individuals have developed creating several contrasts in their lifestyles. There has been available to our thinking variety of issues that we have related; concepts that we have created assumptions that require us to make judgments and opinions that condition us to think of learned way.

         These criteria acquired from parents or the environment are part of our mentality and to be considered within a mental structure, govern the behavior of individuals, our behaviors are guided by the belief that we express about something. Beliefs are born of the views we take of how we think things are taking an important role in the life of each individual.

       We have learned positive beliefs that help us realize our true potential by real use of our abilities, such example of this is to think before a competition where playing sports, tell us in the silence of our thinking we are the best competitors and the line that emotion go by favorable results ... win !! If you know you're the best at something, it's because you have always believed so, accordingly express the results with the similarity of your thinking. and running a positive belief. But unfortunately many of the beliefs that have kept us are guilty being negative constraints that prevent us from achieving our goals

Many of the things we learned, we listened and we were told, are responsible for the results obtained in the present; all our achievements, successes or failures are based on a belief; ie how we thought things are.

         Part of learning has been based on wrong behaviors that lead us to where we never wanted to go, lamenting thus keep those ideas, but now we know from neuroscience that thoughts affect not only our behavior but the neurobehavioral, the sensible recommended and will make a preliminary analysis of the way we have thought so far, because sooner or later it will depend on the results express tomorrow.

          We have believed stories and stories that have been told us unawares, we have recognized these stories as truth by giving absolute power to govern its contents allowing our behavior. This is not to judge whether right or wrong what each individual has learned throughout his life, this paper tries to sow awareness for realizing, yes I learned has conditioned us to a path of success or truncated us keeping in a swampy site.

        When we are born we have a free, clean and healthy mentality, this indicates that the path of every individual is to learn; program ourselves for adaptation and acquisition of the necessary knowledge to help us develop on earth. You come into this world knowing nothing and elapsed time, the mentality is formed to become able to hold opinions, lifestyles and perspectives. We know it is due to learn, but the dilemma is that everything we have learned is not right for our development and for that matter do not understand that part of the way our ideals were diverted them getting very distant results.

        The mind of a little learning is vulnerable neurons store information where fixed focus their attention storing it quickly and accurately to create their own mental models. A model is anything we benchmarked to play something; in the subconscious mind they inhabit thousands of models of different topics, but have you thought what is what happens if a child grows up with the idea establishing the belief and the mental model that men are philandering? Let's say that from an early age watched at home or around repeated infidelities by the man, the mind does not consciously working on creating models according to the ideas held in thinking so if much thought infidelity apparently view from his eyes, conscious mind to the subconscious dictates that men are Don Juans, the mental model is created and the time when it is necessary to take expression. Surely this kind of mentality will attract and relations corresponding to the belief you have, interacting with unfaithful men who do not appreciate the honesty in it is created. These are the stories that I mean we have learned, it is a delusion to think and to establish as truth that all men are unfaithful. The same happens when we attract to our life repeatedly negative circumstances, low finances, poor health and unwanted people. The results are in accordance with the mental model, the way of thinking about the subject.

       Let us analyze our results, if there are situations that displease us, we must resort to examine carefully and patiently beliefs we hold in mind, examining us if hoarded through our learning has maintained condicionándonos us to success or failure. What are those beliefs that limit you to inside?

Astrid Garbo
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