FOREVER YOUNG. Sep. 20, 2016

The thoughts we generate also act in favor of youth. Mental states that every individual reflects on the face, are related to the nature of thoughts harbored in the mind. To see this more clearly sufficient to observe two individuals of the same age, we note that not always the effects of aging are the same in both, one often manifested in their anatomy Over the years more markedly than the other. This is due to the projection of the imperfection of the mental models are welcomed individually, ie the perception of the subject's life that apparently is older is based on a model with greater inclination to wrong thoughts, ideas sabotaging clarity mental and not allow you to go bringing down their energy. When we generate the common problems that makes an undisciplined mind is worrying when the right thing would regain calm and harmony to connect with our inner power and link up with the Universal Wisdom, putting us on the road to make the best decision, however contrary to it we worry and the effects of the chaos of the problems leads us to generate ideas thinking that life and what it offers is hard to bear and this makes us generate exhaustion and more problems. When we leave things unfinished and unresolved either ourselves or the environment, we produce thoughts that keep us anxious and we submit to an impairment that manifests the emotional burden of those thoughts. Keep toying with the idea of ​​fear aging also leads to autism.

     To externalize and reflect YOUTH, it is just renew the way we have perceived life, wish us feel as young as we needed, making our feelings of vigor, enthusiasm, courage, energy, enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, joy and happiness. Begin to refresh our mind getting involved in new projects, learning new things, taking interest what ever looking importo us to generate other nuances and other experiences to restore our passion for being alive. Remember that the mind does not store the time as such, so that if we bundled up in our life and the feeling-thinking attitude of youth; I will express the same condition and measurement.

Astrid Garbo

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