Human beings possess an internal dialogue that is active during the days of our existence. We can see that in any activity performed, this conversation with ourselves is present; while we are showering, when we drive the car, when we cook, even while we communicate with other individuals respond to conversation and dialogue with our inner harmony. These internal conversations are thoughts that come to mind.

       It is very difficult to quiet the mind, meditation practice is oriented towards the condition to silence and deny room for thoughts of any kind, ie remain in a state of mental rest. Its goal is to reach a state of higher consciousness and inner peace. The question is, certainly not in our life time we are under the effect of reflection and to our misfortune in everyday life without realizing we give him space to negative and toxic thoughts.

     Now it is known and supported by science, that thoughts are the causers of experiences in our lives, ie they supply us with situations related to ideas coming in and out of mind; some recognize it as a law of cause and effect, others like Law of Attraction, the truth is that we realize it or not; We suffer what we think. What if we think negatively and we remain in that state? the results of distorted ideas or troublemakers who remained in the warehouse of the mind are related to the same condition that the Universe will bring us situations negativity.

     While we are engaged in routine and lost in their shadow, we find it easy and common divert the concentration of positive things, we inhibited all distracting approach to healthy ideas and thoughts that elevate us the will to continue our development and bring well-being, contrary ; we choose to live tormented creating vicious circles in our wrong minds, we intoxicate thinking ill of us, of other individuals and our affairs, generándonos anguish as we think a series of pessimistic ideas in all areas, but with these arbitrary attitudes generate unconsciously experience the fruits of what we do not want consciously; ie obtain the corresponding representation of the quality of thoughts results, expressed in things and stormy and unfortunate events.

       If a non pleasant situation in the field of finance, health, work or any other matter is expressed today in some stage of your life. The conditions can be changed and government retaking control of the mind, working in choosing right ideas to change those results, the mind is our best friend since the Universal Laws to the quality and size of our thinking work in harmony.

       Keep negative thoughts for long periods of time, we intended to make them reality, this situation forces us to start being aware and moves us to know how the mind operates. Harboring ideas complaint, poverty, disease critical and makes us worthy and responsible for creating a close bond and suffer the consequences.

       The Universe supplies us with what we cooked in the mind, through the thoughts we generate our paths, our destination. The outside world of each individual is in the same proportion as is their inner world, so if something is in our life safely went through our mind. Sometimes when I explain this point to people, I've noticed some resistance to accept the idea, I have received express opinions where not asked to live in adversity, and that would be very foolish to ask the Universe suffer. How it be possible! I have unwanted things happen to me in such a way, a situation that leads me to respond; science begins to give us answers, we realize it or not, thoughts become matter and events, say they are the spirits of matter and actions have you heard your thoughts? Do you analyze your inner dialogue and what you say to others? What do you say those thoughts and where you have driven? Yes we do not like what we have received, it is time to question what is what we have? How is it that we have kept thinking?

Astrid Garbo

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