By gift of nature, human beings have an unlimited good that is expressed in health. The manifestation of life makes us worthy of the right to freely enjoy making our natural state health and joy. The gifts that life offers are linked to a life force that we must keep seeking to preserve health.

       Our mind is an integral factor with the energy of life, all this together and connected to the universe and thoughts that gives creation every human being are not exempt, what exists is made of this creative substance that connects us all and to all.
       When we find ourselves aligned with the harmony that flows naturally in us, we are linked to the Universal welfare. We act and flow through this firmness well, expressing thus a healthy body. However if dulling mental clarity and our thoughts are weak, sick and low self-esteem, it means we are using the power of the mind against us and as a result the body expresses it in the same condition.

       To understand how sick is that ?, is necessary to know the work of thoughts on neurons. The action of thinking, promotes the activity of neurons leading them to share some information with others up to spread in the neural network, the goal: download biochemicals that put react the body, making this dissemination of information responsible for maintaining the state of health if the mind is thinking and making ideas with harmonious basis or otherwise disease occurs if the chaos of fear gripped the helm of mind.

       The disease is the expression in the body that tells us that "something" is not right in the mind, our thoughts and internal conversations affect every part of our body. The situation is that we refuse to be aware of what we manufacture mentally, we have no control over thoughts and give free rein while we get angry, we hate, we blame, criticize and act with resentment, this situation allows us to move away increasingly affecting the manifestation of self-love and humanity, ie we fight with life and so we break with the Universal harmony flowing within us, we cut the link with health and also with positive things and circumstances; open the doors of thought to toxic ideas, we will build a mental prison where spring up all kinds of disease. The disease indicates that harmony of mind and our thoughts are negative poles, and to restore health to the body will be necessary to restore positive and natural energy of thought.

       When we are generating feelings of irritability, misunderstanding and impatience we affect the proper functioning of the liver, the ideas of loss, abandonment and neglect from a viewpoint of feeling low self-esteem or discouragement, are authors of the poor performance of the lungs affecting the airways . If we act foolish and irrational obfuscated and selfishly by negating not listen to the ideas of others with grasping the very idea (although we're wrong), makes us good digestion affect the stomach, causing gastritis.

       Release is to heal, we have a spiritual technology we put into action whenever we reason. When we reflect reach understanding and realize that it is necessary to get rid of the bad experiences of the past that has stolen our only link with harmony. The mind controls the body, so that if we feed the mind with good, harmonious, healthy thoughts, security and the will nourish, keep holding those thoughts will activate neurons forcing spread by the neural network information wellbeing which they were submitted in seeking the restoration of health.

       Your life and what happens to you corresponds to the quality of thoughts. The less fear and courage have, expressing health will go back. Keep harmony in your life and will keep health. Remember HEALTHY MIND IN HEALTHY BODY promoted as Plato.

Astrid Garbo

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