Perhaps more than any has happened to us that we live in a certain situation where repeated negative things happen to us from the moment we started the day, this effect is known as getting up with the left foot. Getting out of bed while we recreate our daily routine and time to time we encounter some unpleasant conditions, situations that surprise us repeating chain; They are presenting a problem after another. This situation generates irritability and obfuscation us and that is that we are losing control losing the right attitude and willingness to do things right. When this effect is manifested in our experience, is a clear example that the one who suffers is out of the total government of his emotions, otherwise if the negative emotion is governed since suffering the first unpleasant situation by changing the pole of an attitude positive thinking, negative effects on yield and not from serial repetition. It is important to understand that thoughts are causers of experiences. We learn to observe and take care how we feel because feeling is the active field of reproduction of these matters, either to create a good or bad day will be according to our choice. The union of thoughts with feelings form a mental and emotional platform that leads to a consequence. That is, the thoughts that are created and called to come to the underworld with a positive feeling, emanating situations in the same emotional nature and vice versa in the case of negative feelings. It is sufficient reason to care how you feel. Feeling, is the fertile ground of thoughts, is the emotional direction where project. If we relate benevolently and maintain a correct and harmonious attitude; connect us with ideas belonging to right or positive, we can not act under the sense of anger and hope for encouraging results outside nature. If we feel good drag the manifestation of situations related to the emotional line or mood wellness which have created thoughts as appropriate. The negative thinking or wrongly and stay out of ignorance or obstinacy so, can put us at risk of product experiences the same negativity. While not corrected, and govern the wrong emotion for those thoughts that are responsible for restoring harmony; the circumstances created, will be responsible for play again and again the corresponding events that are occupying our minds, these effects of repeated incidents is what is known as "black unlucky day" therefore just changing and restoring harmony and putting ourselves in calm and peace, we will cut the chain reaction of negative events. Because of this situation followed acts of negativity suffer, we attract more and more of the same as we are vibrating at the same frequency, it is advisable to anger and complaint aside, work on correcting to maintain positive attitude thinking and feeling, this will make us turn away in another direction effects misfortunes of us. Schedule your day with ideas that wish to express, feel the positive aspects of life running through your veins, we create our reality, if during your routine to get out of bed you surtiste of any negative effects, do not give in to anger control your emotions : short chain of negativity. Astrid Garbo

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