Fear is the main negative idea and emotion that exists. From the perspective of metaphysics; is the prelude to the suffering of many necessities such as disease, low finances, failure, low self-esteem and suffering in general thereby making the worst counselors. Fear is the greatest enemy to beat in our minds when we accept it in the mental structure limit automatic our self-power and opaque result of reason in decision making, fear paralyzes us without allowing us to move forward and thus obstructs all progress. In addition to the above; Fear keeps us from the experience of good stealing moments fragments of life and extinguishes all ties with the club, when we fear something without hesitation what we attract to us.

      We are slaves of fear, without knowing it and without being aware we have nurtured a degree of addiction to him. When we think of something we attract into our lives, it is curious that most of our internal dialogues are subjected to fear. We assume things that are not or do not exist, this makes it the biggest cause of our difficulties, to think more about what we fear what we want to generate conditions in mind and the Law of Attraction or Cause and Effect are in charge of the rest. For some individuals it is tempting to use fear to keep thoughts fantasize various situations; and such that assail me, and if the conditions are adjusted to business or projects are successful, and if he deceives my partner and me is unfaithful, and if I get sick, finally the list is extensive and denotes fear on any scale, a situation that leads to the submission of negative thoughts and express the contents accordingly. How often has not happened we maintain misconceptions and while the suffering and we believe it was our perception that told us that sooner or later happen, a very clear example of this is thought to be victims of assault, mulling over these Ideas feeds our fear and eventually what we attract to us, as we know as the Laws of the Universe work we put ourselves in the circumstances of the assault and thought we knew in advance that would happen, however it is necessary not attract situations and combat delusions of mind, it is advisable to think based on arguments against the negative fantasize, you need to stop assuming things wrong because it leads us to suffer them sooner or later. We need to develop habits of right thinking consciously focus on the ideas we want and not on fear or do not want. To dissolve these ideas, should reason as many times as necessary to reach the full understanding that fear is only the distortion of welfare and only thinking situations contrary to what is feared will be dissolved. It's like turning the light that dissolves the shadows of objects in the dark, realize that what we thought we saw were only distortions of reality, as happens when we have ideas of fear in everyday life, distort reality and is in the imagination where this ferocious beast feeding. With just keep the idea of ​​changing the thought that we Encause to wake up and understand that when you turn the light can be seen clarity and realizing that what haunts us do not have the power to harm us, this confusion of mind will vanish when we leave removing feeding him the thoughts that feed these ideas.

       Slavery has kept tied us to fear is acquired from small, when we are children educate us based on fear, there is a subjugation of behavior so they introduced us to the good performance otherwise we would be deserving of various punishments. Without any desire to judge whether it was correct or not education, we have been taught to do things in a good way and in obedience only way we will be loved and accepted by the parents, the family, society and go against provisions creates fear either approval, criticism or rejection; so we have to obey the rules. The fear acquired first at home, in the past it was believed that educating afraid to parents was part of respecting what to add authority, and now we know that respect is very distant from the concept of fear.

      Fear takes away our freedom to make decisions based on our wishes, we deceive ourselves and the decisions we take in the submission of fear. Notice the conscious mind what is it telling us ?, what are the thoughts on the now ?, to the extent that we are skilful in observing what we think we can make choice in choosing harvest think only those ideas you want to express avoiding the thought of what you do not want. We need to think what we want to attract and manifest, and deny any thought to what we fear. Remember that if something is not in the mind, not be in your experience.

Astrid Garbo

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