The subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind. Sep. 20, 2016

Increasingly, we are closer to the understanding of the function of the brain, the mind and its relationship with the Cosmos. The correspondence between these determines the life circumstances of an individual; with brain skills interact with the world and we survived, we reason with the mind and the Cosmos connects us and kept flowing with divine intelligence and with the Universal Laws that we understand or not, we govern everything and everyone.

      By nature, life invites every human being to be part of the best, through all time and ages have desired the realization of self-imposed projects to develop as individuals and favorably conclude the intentions of the manifestation of happiness, these aspirations crave when we walk through this underworld and denote the desires of each all having the same common factor: happiness and evolution, when I mention this, I mean the desire to enjoy happiness and enjoy a good life. However although ambicionemos to have the best, the reality is that a large percentage has not run with the same fortune unlike the minority of individuals who have achieved growth in all target areas, have you asked to be this ? Us reason is unknown; all individuals have a talent to discover and possess an inner power that gives us the support to get to where everyone wants, it is also true that without distinction are made of the same, nobody was endowed with some magical substance before birth will make the difference and make a subject more developed than another to easily achieve their goals, then what happens? What it is what prevents forward and get where we want? What is cluttering to be happy? If it were impossible to reach the summit apply the same for everyone and there would be successful and happy, if you can is an indicator that all individuals are able to and succeed is at the highest and ambitious objectives, the situation of this disagreement lies in the mentality of one who has achieved what you want.

       People are drawn to big goals reaching their tasks, they think feel and act differently, process information unequal to the rest reasoning way. If we pay attention and analyze the conversations of individuals who refuse to be satisfied with their life projects, we will see very unequal in its content to another subject that has managed its development situations. The manifestation of behavior expresses very distant things; we see cases of brothers that have developed in the same environment under the same external influences, with the same education, but one of them turned out to be remarkably skillful in developing their evolution. The difference between the results obtained from life to be found in the information tattooed in the warehouse of mind known as the subconscious mind, this mind is the field of experience, which is planted there denote our evolution or involution.

       If we want to give us a change to improve our lives and advance our development, it is desirable to know how the mind and language that it generated "thoughts" opera. The mind consists of the conscious mind and the subconscious, each maneuver differently. The conscious mind gives us the approach that where we put the attention, we raises awareness of the present moment putting in tune every way, allows you to install or not, information perception storing it in the subconscious mind where we find everything we have sown and we grow in our experience. However the conscious mind is not able to treasure only what leads us to the best path set by this issue is important to observe the mental language, reasoning about ideas that we will accept in the mind will be the wiser because sooner or later they will end planted those thoughts colluding with the cosmos to reflect our experience. The way of seeing life and the perspective with which we have handled is situated there. Any belief and opinion we have about something is planted in the field. Everything we think is positive or wrong there is projecting outside. The subconscious mind is our link with the Universal consciousness, ancient philosophers identified as the intellectual part of the soul.

       Caring for the mind is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, it forged our own jail or our paradise, will depend on the approach that we give to the manufacture of thoughts.

       To better understand this information imagine the financial future of a little boy who bought ideas about poverty, if he heard say of someone who represented authority that money is difficult to achieve, that their possession makes us ill or complaining with issues finances. Because of his young age and ignorance of not knowing the power of thought, without prior analysis of reasoning if this really is true, he accepted the idea settled so unaware in the subconscious mind, recognize wrongly that money is hard makes him a truth when it is actually a deception, because experience providing money is not bad, but for the sower of this erroneous opinion it will be because it has established itself as "false truth" to reap the misfortunes that this can give as well he decided to dictate to mind. The same is true if we sow thoughts of hatred, criticism or any other need, our environment and experience will be hostile and comply with what we have consciously or not dictated to mind.

       If we are not in the now attentive to the thoughts and repeatedly allow distractions that lead us to think negative things as disease, poverty, guilt, revenge, hatred, low recognition; the reality is adjusted to encounter distractions of our own misfortunes abasteciéndonos mind. Do not forget that in the subconscious field sow life project that will manifest itself sooner or later. If we want to improve care for any condition the conscious mind and the language they generate, will be the most sensible only way we will change the negative events taking expression. The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction and all the other Universal Laws work in harmony with our minds, we learn to manage our favor what life offers us.

Astrid Garbo

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