The thought keeps a great power, from ancient times until now has trumpeted that everything is thought. Thoughts influence our daily lives; on health, on the issue of money, in our decisions and how we relate to other human beings and the environment. Ie thoughts are life, flowing from a living and intelligent energy, thus affecting aspects of life and in our circumstances. Since ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, China, Greece and India, knowledge of the power of the mind spread, causing great stress upon the importance of understanding a spiritual science (mental) that called Alchemy. The aim of this discipline, individuals needed to develop the power of the mind to generate thoughts and ideas that adjust the conditions of his life at will. The practitioners were subjected to mental training with the mission of sustaining positive thoughts and thus modify their behavior to express better health in the body, finances and relationships. As expected, this caused great controversy mental science finding that put opinions against disagreed that thinking would be able to influence the modification or alteration of matter. Unfortunately the technology at that time was scarce and think about resorting to a check to take them to prove that thoughts are part of a mental universe that is embodied in things, actions or events was limited. But now thanks to neuroscience, has been able to corroborate that thought is able to modify and change the subject. Through various studies, it has subjected the brain to mental training with the intention to repeat and sustain ideas with content of thoughts that motivate the activation of neurons, such exercises do yield their plasticity transforming brain estrucctura, showing that keep ideas are not only creates patterns of behavior but is able to transform matter. That is, if the thoughts are capable of altering the most important in the human body, by deductive logic they are able to transform the state of any other organ in the body and thus to matter. Had he been able to do this check in ancient enough for society of those times began to believe in the power of thought and thus get along path traced in the evolution of humanity. A few years ago it circulated information where an experiment a scientist Phoenix, Arizona that was to demonstrate the power of the mind and thought, applying the experiment to an individual sentenced to the electric chair in the state of Missouri explained. The scientist proposed a change in the method that apparently end the life of the condemned, raised replace the electric chair for a hospital bed where he would bow to the individual realizing you cut into the vein of the right wrist. The purpose was to make him cut his blood dripping down to bleed. However the sentenced was given the benefit mentioning that if the blood clot reached would be released and exonerated of the sentence. And if you do not run with the best of luck, slowly die without suffering hearing the same shock of his blood dripping into an aluminum container which was strategically accommodated under his wrist. The experiment proceeded and once the individual is found in position, they applied a shallow cut in the vein incapable of causing harm, the purpose was only felt the cut. Without the know, part of the experiment was to put a bottle of serum hidden from view of the subject pretending to make him believe that the drops come out of this would be his blood. The passage of a few minutes, the scientist in charge to close the passage where the liquid flowed to reduce leakage, so the inmate would listen and to think it was his blood that was finishing flowing into the aluminum container. The result was expected, the subject increasingly lost color and strength, so when closed completely drip flow, the subject suffered a stroke that led him to death. This example is so clear that invites us to reflect on the power of thought, we must become conscious that mental language that we create in the mind will be the causer of everything that exists in our lives, whether good or bad things, so it is awakening crucial to understanding just stay on the side of being on the side of positive ideas. Amar positive thinking to sculpt in our conditions positive and pleasant things. Find out more by downloading the book theme What is it? the source of your problems, now at 👉 🏻 / U2EjsL and 👉

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