The mindset of our parents, guardians or individuals who represented authority when we were children, serves an important role in our decision making in adulthood. In the mind of each individual, they are the mental files that determine the perspective of the mentality that was scheduled to us from an early age. This perspective with which we operate, can externalize or project information stored in us and program to enable successful or not, to shape today happiness or not, to be sure of ourselves or afraid, to be strong, brave or obsequious. All values ​​are located decided to adopt as mental programs in our subconscious mind.

       The nature of neurons is to take the information without prior analysis or judgment, small does not stop to reason or judge whether the ways of thinking that contribute to your learning will be the best ideas to take you on the right track, he simply takes what is shown him. Children learn from those individuals who represent authority and cede power to acquire the behaviors that will be displayed.

       Learning is a personal process that depends on the environment and environmental contexts in which we develop. We have millions of neurons; however the role of mirror neurons is to imitate those behaviors that we focus and place our attention. Because of this you have to create awareness of the importance of fostering positive thinking in us, children and our children, stimulate their creativity through the paths of safety to believe in themselves, and improve the development of self-esteem during their first years of life, showing him every moment how capable they can be and not questioning their abilities and skills, we must be aware of what will be planted in your subconscious mind and take you to project those mental programs in adulthood. Their behaviors are imitations of our behaviors, are reproductions of the ideas that expose them, so it is due to highlight their skills and minimize their mistakes, we must observe ourselves for the example to imitate him is positive, because your future will be similar to what is stored in the mind.

       Stimulates your mind with big, strong and successful ideas, let him know that he is brave and be on your way everything can not programes fearful with fear, will not transmit yours, highlights its capabilities to be what to wear to where he want without trazarle a difficult road. A small mind is a sponge that absorbs easily everything you tell him, opt for those ideas you want to see forged on. Children are corresponding to the mentality of their environment.

Astrid Garbo

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