At present, the rapid pace with which we face life, has led us as part of the custom to live all quick, so rushed that we resolve our issues while running a another absorbed in the routine side, do not take time to stop reflect our behavior, we act scheduled the fast pace of work and chores, this situation does not reflect generates us irritability, living in automatic mode has made us boringly predictable to the point that if there is to complain about something we do most often the same things. Thus, under the recognition of this dynamic of submission to the routine and way of living in automatic act similarly forming habits not only related to food, cleanliness, study or work in the same way we programmed mentally installing habits of thought wrong or misleading; the complaint and criticism are some of them.

      Break these habits of negative thinking is not easy, especially when we are not used to observe ourselves, we find it easier and tempting to judge and criticize behavior and ways neighbor who observe our own thoughts. However it is possible to combat negative thought not to suffer the consequences; not sicken the body, finances and relationships. When something is wrong in any area of ​​an individual, either on the issue of health, low deplorable finances or relationships; is an indicator that the habit of negative thinking is rooted in mental warehouse. What happens in our mind sooner or later it reflected on the outside and result in our daily experiences.

       The steps required to transform our negative thoughts in view of improving behavior and express the best things are:

1-. Observation, routine and haste are part of our daily lives, we have remained distracted, without observing the mental language we produce and articulate in words, ie do not hear what we say, we think evil and negative recurrently way. See if you hear repeatedly say you're lazy and you express yourself with apathy about something, if you say you can not succeed and it is difficult any matter, yes your conversations are about fear that causes you suffering from some disease, or if you complaints daily from the precarious situation of the subject of money, is the repetition of these misguided suffering what has kept things you those duties. Observe at all times what comes out of our mouth will be the first step to know what we hold in our minds, so we will be more aware of the negative situations that we are generating.

2. Allow flow negative thoughts without putting up resistance, ie do not ask you to give more life and argument to negative ideas, but let fluirlos to meet them and so once identified, let go watching to proceed to the next He passed.

3- Election, have the power to change the conditions in our life through the choice of thought, this change in the transformation of ideas make us see things from another perspective, when you notice that your mind is looming negative idea comes the cancellation saying: canceled to change the focus. An example would be that you drive the car and suddenly you observe thinking of the fear that someone can get a steal at home, just then we should cancel the idea exclaiming CANCELLED not to attract some encouraging results.
4. govern you yourself, when you find yourself in a not nice situation where the negative emotion and reason rebase're out of control, should be made several attempts to reason about the situation causing the negativity gradually yield, uncontrolled emotions make us suffer disease in both the body and finances, we have a reasoning that leads to the resolution of all conflicts, however to act wrong and bad emotion, will only make us react denying see the solution indicated to the situation. Perhaps this step is the most difficult, because we believed that we have no control over our emotions.

5. Staying on the positive side, you incriminas with the implementation of the Universal Laws, each time you participate in chats where triumphs negativity, when you see other people draw their poster complaints citing bad approaches have about the life, stay on the positive side however difficult it may seem, do not give power to the distorted words of the people, let's say in the middle of a meeting, a topic discussed at the table where some say the economy is in decline and work is not stable enough, or that the cancer is annihilating all, allow these beliefs we will suffer the consequences, buying little ideas nutrient content makes us victims of what is thought, keep your healthy mind on the positive side for the circumstances are.

        We must cultivate desires and continuously give our projects, stick to a routine of positive thoughts will lead us to project the desired way our lifestyles. We care how we are enjoying every moment and building the earthly paradise. The mind is difficult to control but not impossible, to work in the now consciously aware to mold the mind, only then can shape what we sucked and we have not been able to conclude, and build those ideas that we want to see expressed in our life project the mind recognize these thoughts and the creative energy of the universe is put into action by adjusting all conditions. What we think of something infinite mind recognizes it as truth and the result is the projection, returning to the origin sent prayers, we attract only positive things keeping us on welfare.

Astrid Garbo

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