Astrid Garbo


Astrid Garbo. She grew up in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. From an early age he showed interest in the doctrine of thought and it was as he took his first lessons in philosophy taught in school that was born the motivation to learn the science of life.

She has participated in several seminars where knowledge of brainpower given by various personalities with notable Dr. Alfonso Ruiz Soto and Dr. Dona Wiseman preached.

She participated in several workshops given by SOGEM School of Writers of Guadalajara, currently taking mastery of the science of life at the Institute of Mental Application based in Mexico City.

In 2013, guided by his inspiration, she took the pen to give birth to her first self-help book titled "WHAT IS IT ABOUT? the source of your trouble" arguing that any act itself keeps this mystery, find the answer to what each thing is, accommodates us to discover the puzzle of life itself. Knowing the power of our thoughts, we will raise awareness of the use we give to our inner power, are unaware of this power and not know ourselves we use our skills to our own self-destruction.

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